Have you ever received a wig that doesn't blend well or match your skin tone?Or are you still confused about how to make the lace blends effortlessly with your skin? 

No worries now! DIVASWIGS got you covered.Introducing to you our new wig Barbara which is made with super fine invisible undetectable Seamless Swiss lace, suitable for all skin tones and could blend seamlessly with your lace wig.

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First time you heard about the Swiss Lace It doesn't matter, let me tell you more. The super fine invisible Swiss lace is suitable for all skin tones, making it super easy for everyone to wear this wig. On top of that, this lace creates the perfect illusion of hair growing directly out from your scalp.So they can be used with or without adhesive and parted in any direction for a natural look. What's more, the super fine lace imported from Switzerland is thinner, softer, lightweight yet durable compared to the regular lace in market, so it reduces friction to natural hair and makes it a perfect choice for protective styles.


Isn't that awesome? You will be in love with this wig as much as we do because it also comes with the upgraded realistic hairline and kamo knots for the wig Barbara. Pre-plucked hairline, pre-bleached, everything is done for you before shipping. This wig is just the definition of a do nothing lace front wig which could be installed fresh out of the box without any plucking or customization after you receive it.


Are you interested in this lace front wig? check out videos by YouTuber Ashley Bedeck and Joanna Kinuthia to see how easy and convenient to install this lace front wig Barbara!

And you could also shop here to get this awesome wig that you will not be disappointed with

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