How to detangle your curly human hair wig?

We all love curly human hair wigs because they are big, sexy, bouncy and voluminous as a protective style. The problem is curly hair gets tangled and frizzy more often than straight hair. Caring for them can be quite a handful. It's important to know how to do right to detangle your curly human hair wigs so they can stay looking amazing. Find out more below to know the correct way to detangle your curly human hair wig .


        A pointed tail comb.

A conditioner mist spray.


Don’t use brush.

If youre using a brush to comb your curly hair, stop it. Because with the brush , you can not help yourself pulling hair too hard on the hair, which would result in curls getting loose and hair getting more frizzy.        


If a brush is not the correct tool, what about using a wide tooth comb?

Don’t use wide tooth comb.

Remember wide tooth comb is also not the right tool when dealing with the nots and tangles on your curly wig. It's not user-friendly for frizzy curly unit and too much pressure would lead to extra shedding.



 Separate your hair into sections.                       

 Grab each section in the middle and detangle the bottom hair first by using the pointed tail comb.

③ Detangle the whole section from the bottom with the pointed tail comb, that way the frizz could easily get tangled and work your way up until all of the hair has been detangled.


④ After the detangle job is done, don't forget to fix it with a conditioner mist spray . Then there you have a beautiful puffy curly unit.



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